25 June 2011

crazy !?!

hmmm~ someone told me that
Are you crazy huh?? don't you think its worth when you wasting time and doing this??
and what my respond was only a smile and nothing to say.

YES, i am. :)
i'm a crazy girl when joining drama,
the feeling is ineffable.
i don't know whether how long i still can joining this,
but its been a long relationship between me and drama life.

Drama is no longer a performance chance for me,
its a warm,sweet,encourage,and a feeling on it.

this few years, I've been trying so hard on it.
cuz I'm not a professional stage crew and performer,
so, what i need to do is, what also have to do!!
cuz what i want is i have to learn whatever i want in drama.

but i only did few, only few.
its not a easy job,
so don't think its easy to make it to a very nice performance on stage.
doing drama work is like a swot!!!!
you can just because of the little things and did don't know how many times!!!

but i enjoy~ :)
that's why... somebody will ask..
why still joining but you make yourself work like a zombie??
what? zombie?
oh ya~hehe, we like it, that's it. :)

maybe ,this is so-call PASSION ?

i hope i got this kind of PASSION on my future work ^^