18 May 2011

Choices & Consequences

Well, today is a very nice day.
and this is the first time i post my blog with english.
what a day~ phew~

The time is went quickly,
I am getting an uneasy feeling whenever i think about the fact
that i'm about to graduate.

Taking all factors that is in consideration.
find a simple work after graduate
furthur going to my advanced diploma and degree.

The two decisions, will bring two differents consequence.
i have got lost , and i dont know where i'm going.
be a loss.

hmmm....there's nothing of demand.
there's nothing much of wishes.

I just wish to work and travel around at the same time.
and somemore i wanted to earn my own living cost.
doesn't want to live in dependence on my parents any longer.
let them got a secure old age.
that's it. :)